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The new Drama Group, based in Church Minshull and named the Minshull Amateur Dramatics Group or the MAD Group for short, now has it’s own website. Here is the link


Update on New Drama Group

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Update on New Drama Group
Church Minshull Vision Group, who co-ordinate events in the village, formally agreed to support a new independent village amateur dramatic group at a meeting on Monday 18th January. There will be a meeting in The Badger Inn, Church Minshull, on 15th February at 7.30pm for all those willing to join a committee to run this group.
The agenda will be to adopt a constitution, select a name, appoint officers and to set up a bank account.
Meanwhile, rehearsals have started on a selection of One Act Plays and Monologues, 50% new from those chosen last Autumn, to present at Acton Village Hall and Church Minshull Village Hall on 18th & 19th March. Cast are from Bunbury and Church Minshull and Denise Fisher is directing once more.

Members should note that a new website will be set up in the new group’s name and the G.C.’s website will discontinue. An email with a link to the new website will be sent to all.

Going forward in 2016

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The following email has been sent to all members from Denise Fisher producer of the One act plays previously booked for Acton and Church Minshull on March 18th and 19th.

This is advance warning of a meeting to be held at Church Minshull Village Hall on Thursday 7th January at 8 pm. We’ll be discussing the ‘one act plays rebranded’ evening to be performed in Acton and Church Minshull on the 18th and 19th March. Some plays will be resurrected but some will be new. Please everyone make a herculean attempt to make this first meeting and if you definitely cannot then please let me know before the meeting so that I can cast and we can get stuck in asap.

C.M. Vision Group will be meeting in the new year to discuss the future of the G.C.s in a new format based in Church Minshull. News of that meeting will be posted on this website and a message will be going out to all members.

John Headon. Chairman.

Bunbury Mulled Wine & Mince Pies

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On Christmas Eve, following the Carol singing round the Bunbury village Christmas Tree at 6.30pm, there will be mulled wine and mince pies in Bunbury Village Hall. Meg and Roger Fairweather, Alison Dentith, Gill Johnson and Margaret and Mike Bourne will be organising this for the last time. Could all those who provide mince pies please provide them as usual?


As part of the winding up of the G.C.s a cheque for £300 has been given to the Young Christians as the remaining drama group in Bunbury.
Mike Ridley has responded to the gift…

“As I left the stage last week after my tenth “Pantomime Dame” for the Young Christians, I heard of the generous gesture from the G.C.’s A.G.M. to make a donation to the Young Christians of £300 from their residual funds. This is a lovely thought and will provide great support to current and future young Christians and it is so much appreciated. Could I ask you to pass on my sincere thanks and that of Wendy, Abby and all young Christians for this great recognition of our work.”

 A. G. M.  at The Dysart on 29th Nov. 2015.

After the preliminary business was completed, the members discussed the proposal to finally dissolve the G.C.s in their present form. It was with sadness and regret that members recognised that the support needed in Bunbury no longer existed and that the group risked bankruptcy if it continued. The motion was passed and the assets were duly distributed. The staging and scenery of use to other groups in Bunbury village were to be offered to the Bunbury Village Hall. Props and costumes would be offered to Church Minshull Village Vision Group, who hope to start a new Am Dram group, to which all existing G.C. members would be invited. Financial assets would be given to the Young Christians to help with their annual pantomime and to C.M. Vision Group for helping set up the new acting group. John Headon, chairman, thanked the members for their years of help and support and Jim Walker agreed to remain treasurer until 31st December, when the group would dissolve.
This website will continue in use until the new group sets up and to keep members informed of developments.
John Headon
At the meeting on 15th November it was formerly proposed that we should call the AGM on 29th November, at the Dysart Inn, Bunbury at 8pm with a view to dissolving the group in its current format.
All members are invited to attend.
John Headon

Production Meeting for Spring 2016 production

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Good Companions Production Meeting UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

Den’ Fisher has looked again at “The 39 Steps” and has advised us that it is going to over stretch the G.C.s by taking it to three venues with the limited resources at our disposal.

Our post “Comedy Sketch” show meeting on 15th November at St. Bart’s Church, Church Minshull will therefore be a meeting to review the last show and to discuss our next production.

We hope you will be able to join us there at 8pm and afterwards for a drink at “The Badger”.

Kind regards
John Headon

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There were many compliments following the last performance of The Comedy Sketch Show. Our audiences seemed genuinely pleased with the variety of one act plays offered.

Well done to everybody concerned and all our valued helpers.



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